Monday, October 20, 2008

interrupting my manic housecleaning for a post

hey skinnies! i'm posting for the second time in the same month... ack. sorry again for all the absence. life is crazy, mostly in a good way, minus the fat part.

i have goal and i'm going to work really hard to achieve it. i need to be down at least on size before Nov. 16. i have a whole host of new pills to help me. i'm tkaing my vitamins again, as well as trying out a new body-builder fat killer pill called Fire Caps. I'm working up to taking the full dose. One gets me pretty spun, and working up to 6 per day might take a bit. but supposedly they are top notch fat burners. if that doesn't work, it's back to ripped fuel (an old favorite from back in my double digit days). by the end of this year, i will be fucking thinner. i am motivated now.

stay strong and think thin. and love the fact that Paris Hilton is thinspo again.

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hey.hana said...

Love your thinspo pics!

Fire Caps? Pray tell..

xo Hana