Wednesday, March 16, 2011

long time, green tea

Ignore the pic of me. I dumped it in the thinspo folder by accident and am too lazy to delete the code.

I actually feel thin today. My arms are toned but thin and my chest ribs really stood out today. of course it's not enough, but i feel like things are finally changing again. less and less of my legs touch. there's a nice boy who says i'm beautiful.... that never hurts. i get to not believe him, which is so thinspiring.

Been keeping under 1000 every day and traing 6-7 hours minimum all week. On my period too, so this week I'm burning 30% more calories.

More later. Been crazy busy.

Oh yeah. Someone asked if I was a gymnast. Not quite. More like I ran away and joined the circus.

1 comment:

zette said...

fun to have a thin day. &thank god for nice boys. i think your gym time allows laziness in other things, like not deleting a picture. yes? stay strong, darling, it sounds like you're doing great.