Tuesday, October 10, 2006

better today

ugh, diet mate is making my insides wibbly, but that's a good thing. my hipbones looked way better today in the gym. i got to run and then do cardio class. this is good. i've gotten more control back. now i just need to control my friends. i had about a quarter cup of full fat ice cream with a caramel wafer today during lunch. that's gross. but they wouldn't leave me alone until i contributed to its consumption.

other than that, i've been drink 2L of water a day again. that's helped immensely. once i'm off my period, the situation should start looking even better. phew. i did a day long fast on saturday (1amSaturday-2:30amSunday). it feels so good to be empty, to know that feeling again. so now i know to strive for that feeling and reward it with mate and water and diet coke and negative calories. i leave town so soon. school hurts me it's going to be over. i just have to work hard. it's a great distraction from turning into a fucking sow however.

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