Tuesday, October 24, 2006

failure as usual

my stomach hurts. it burns, really is more like it. i think my diet tea hurt me today. my guts are only protesting with the burning sensation. no other irregularities. wtf!

i've made up my mind. a scale is necessary. the next change i get, i'm getting one. i'm doing better though. still under 1400 for the day, i think. no beer either.

.5 grapefruit
1.5 cup brown rice w/ salsa and vegan sour cream
1.5 cup tube noodles with olives, 3 spoonfuls of parmesian cheese, and nutritional yeast
1 cup leftover mac'n'cheese, rice noodle, fat free milk, gluten free cheese
1 60 cal yogurt
1.75 cookies

my nose has started bleeding again lately. i don't like that. i hope i don't have an iron deficiency. tomorrow is for trying harder. i have lost weight again though. i might even be around 125 again (god that's such a gross fucking number i can't stand it.) ew ew ew. i am so fucking hideous. i just want to be pretty. the burning in my stomach seems to be accompanied by bloating. my hipbones have retreated once again. the fatass photoshoot last night was so rewarding. i doubt it will be so generous tonight. maybe it will be better in the morning.

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