Sunday, December 03, 2006


so fat. so sad. ate very little today. feel fat. stomach looks HUGE. ew. will post weight in the morning. then i will cry. this blog has gotten one view in the past several months, bringing me to a grand total of 76. where the hell are a you other pro ana girls anyway? it's lonely in here.

when i get free time again, i will post huge amounts of thinspo, but until then, why don;t you all help me out. i'm sick of being this fatass. i need to lose ten pounds and only starving will get me there. help.


Anonymous said...

you seem to have very strong will power, but it sounds as though youre probably pretty thin anyway. my current state is pretty shitty - 5ft 1 and about 135lbs.
and, though it doesnt show at all, i've eaten under the recommended daily amount every day for over a year now- i have a very large family. but ive never eaten fat food myself.

i think youve gotta look at other girls who are huge, or even like me who will be huge compared to you, but has never been called fat, and notice how thin you are and how tats good.

i seem to notice that all the thin people i know are those who don't think about food.

cigarettes help too haha

good luck and what not!

Hazel said...

I'm just some randomer.

You're a very pretty person
and your blog is inspiring.