Friday, April 24, 2009

tubs...chubs... guh.

feel huge and fat and gross. have to be awake in less than seven hours. shit fuck ass dammit. i just want my body back. i want diet pills that work again. i want to throw away every food item in my house. i want to disappear. i feel like i don't have any friends that really care about me, and how can I when all of this self-loathing about my body fills up my head? i miss having an ana buddy. i really do. someone to call me and tell me that i should drink a glassof ice water and run around the block. ack. gotta sleep. hope some of my fat magically goes away. will work out way harder tomorrow.

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Me said...

hi cutie!!
I´ve been reading your blog during a couple of weeks now, and I think you are doing well. Don´t be so hard with yourself.
Of course, there is always something that you could have done better. Think about that and you will feel motivated to do it better every day.

If you need an ana-buddy, here I am!
Of course, I can´t call you (I leave in other country!!), but we can support each other via email.

I also need some support to get me out of home and do some running in the morning!!!

By the way, I love our thinspos. Most of the time, I see the same pictures in several blogs, but yours are completely new!! :), thanks a lot!