Saturday, May 09, 2009

for those who've been asking

well, it's the eve of my birthday. i was asked about my fitness routine and so i'll lay it out for more than just one of you (you can thank reader "Me" for this post).

Monday: Run 1-2 miles on treadmill. 5 pullups. 140 situps. 140 second sustained ab hold. 150 ball situps. 5 limbers (backbend to bridge, stand back up). Then i do just over an hour of aerial circus training.

Tues: see monday. maybe i run a little further.

wednesday: 1 hour of yoga. then run 2 miles. pullups until i can't.140 situps. 140 second sustained ab hold. 150 ball situps. circuit weight set with leg press at 210lbs, pullups machine with 70lb support, rowing weights at 50lbs, quad weights at 60lbs, chest press at 10-15lbs: two or three sets of 11 reps each.

2 hours of practice, usually including handstands.

thursday: circuit traing class for 1 hour. go home. crash.

friday: as much i can make myself to at the gym. for example, yester i did intervals on the treadmill where i walked 5 minutes, ran five minutes, walked 4, ran 6, walked 3, ran seven, walk 2, ran 8. then i did pullups, abs, extra abs, bridges, straddle torture machine.

saturday: today i practiced handstands and bridges. i will probably bike around tonight.

i bike or walk most places and use lots of public transportation. so i get extra excercise all the time. if i feel extra flabby, i'll wear 1 or 5lb ankle weights for 5 hours per day when i'm out an about. just never run in ankle weights. it's sooo bad for your knees. Going dancing definitely burns calories too...

i try to take sundays off, just so i don't get sick.

oh, btw... i finally put myself in the pix.


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Anonymous said...

lovely. thanks. want more pics of you.