Tuesday, May 05, 2009

the bones of it

yesterday i saw bones again. i was so happy i damn near cried. bones in my shoulders. bones in my chest. legs that touch less. more cheekbone. this is progress.

i spent most of my weekend living on very few calories, lots of water, and burning tons of calories running around in the cold and rain, dancing my ass off, and having lovely makeouts with a few very pretty boys.

i know my bones are closer to the surface now. i have sore spots where my the backs of my hipbones meet my back dimples. also, the front of my right hipbone feels like it's going to have a lovely bruise visible in a few days.

soon, i will take my pills and go to the gym. then i will go to training. and then i will come home and pass out again. i love the exhaustion. i love feeling light and empty. it's like coming home.

stay strong and think thin my lovelies.


SK said...

Thats awesome! keep up the great work, your a real inspiration. I totally cant wait to see my bones.

Sending my love. xxxooo

Me said...

I am very happy for your progress!
keep doing that well!!!

Me, I am doing fine with food, but I need some kind of motivation about the exercise.

Could you tell me your exercise routine... need some tips!!!


Sarah said...

I LOVE your blog! It has been taking up my free time for the past few days. Best thinspo I've found, period.
You are an inspiration!