Tuesday, August 14, 2007

fatty McFat

lettuce and sprouts in a low carb tortilla
salsa, 1/2tbsp sourcream
1?4C tortilla chips
1 nectarine

i'm going to the gym soon. after that, i'm practicing for a while. and after that, i'm going to the grocery store for a toothbrush and a pregnancy test. i've been too hungry lately and i'm getting suspicious. if i am pregnant, that will make for a few weeks of doctors and then... probably a trip to planned parenthood. a one-way trip... at least for one of us. i'm probably just bloated though from skipping my period with birthcontrol and eating too much in general. i'm supposed to be going out tonight. so we'll see how well my will holds up.

think thin girls! i have loads of thinspo to put up later.

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