Friday, August 10, 2007

I believe in a wholly black and white world, the losing of weight, recrimination for sins, the abnegation of the body and a life ever fasting.

midday check in:
1.5 sugar cookies
1 bag pita chips
1/2 C tuna (forkful of mayo, 2tbsp salsa)
10 tortilla chips

sadly... that means progress.

i've been reading this anti-pro ana blog all day. here's the link:

call me twisted, but it's really good thinspo. she's got some pictures and videos i've never seen before. she wants to help us. she's lived this. but she still fails to understand our motives. she doesn't NEED ana anymore. good for her. what she writes is mostly true and she can either be a fantastic inspiration for recovery or her life can be a perfect thinspiring tale. from her pictures and videos, she still looks skinnier than most of us think we are.

massive thinspo post later. stay strong. think thin.

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