Wednesday, August 15, 2007

pregnant with ice-cream's baby

yep. no offspring. just fat. just like i had thought.
today was lacking in practicing, but full of biking. i spent 1 hr on the eliptical and i did my new yoga/pilates thing. ten reps of five different exercises causes me fantastic amounts of pain. it's awesome! tomorrow i'm going to do it again. then maybe work even harder in a different gym later. whee! hmm. not much else has been up. i have two big shows coming up soon. no size changes as yet. i've been livingon rice, fish, and negative calorie foods for the most part though. aside from the "binge food for diabetics" - it really exists- on a semi-daily basis. i'm inching towards being vegan. maybe it'll actually happen in the desert. i'll come back and just be okay with being vegan. what sucks is that the good grocery stores for vegans are far from my house and/or really expensive. sigh. once i get out of this house, i'll never have to buy groceries. so i'll never have food around to eat. or at least not nearly as much.

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J00kst3r said...

The healthier foods are always more expensive. ...Damned conspiracies. :/