Saturday, January 19, 2008

since i'm still awake

i guess i'll toss up a few pictures. the epically painful thing has been treated with a course of antibiotics that destroyed my will to eat for a good four or five days. i'm proud to say that i fit into my (stretch) 27 waist true religion jeans again with no muffin top. no clue as to how much i weigh. despite the burger-like sins of today, i burned enough calories that it doesn't fucking matter what i eat today... or tomorrow. my face is back in my own control with no swollen monsters to speak of. phew. stayed out too late so i couldn't call the ex. i feel bad about that. i'll definitely get to sleep soundly tonight though. i just have to wake up at a reasonable fucking hour tomorrow. bummer-ass shxt right there.

sure it's an upskirt, but look at her arm. perfection!


adam said...

Hi again. You know one of those is a guy :)

It would be nice if you were to comment back. Great to hear that you feel less alone. I'm trying to keep a bit of an eye on you. Checking on you a few times a day, see if you are OK.
In my opinion:
Muscle tone is good, Tiffany thin is good. Bones are ugly and scary:

so_alone said...

i am quite aware that one of those is a guy.