Saturday, January 12, 2008

some pain i deserve, but this?

huge eruption... right on my lip. and it hurts hurts hurts. so does my back, but for altogether different reasons. i worked out hard tonight. gonna try and hit two nights in a row next week. and then new aerial workouts begin!! yay! i have to get up really early tomorrow, so i'm already late to bed. no more ramblings today, my skinnies. much love! think thin!


adam said...

Hello sad girl. Have read a lot of your blog entries (maybe a few less pics? It's SO MUCH SCROLLING :P

My wife is on a thin mission and in an effort to be supportive I've been looking around the web and found you. I have to say your sadness touched me. I want you to know you are not alone. Would you like to be friends? I'm a good mentor.

I don't want you to think of this as creepy, or in any way an approach to you for anythin, just one human out there in the world hearing the pain of another and wanting to 'be there'.

Drop me a line any time,


adam said...

Are you there?
Are there some actual images of you?

Be well,


so_alone said...

hello curious adam. i am not there. none of those pictures are me. the magnitude of pictures is there for the sake of my other readers who run similar sites. they look at or copy these pictures to inspire and support others as bent as i that i do not reach with this blog. in order to protect my safety, i am not there. my photos do not belong amongst those perfect figures. i can't personally email you, lest you find out who i am.

TheCautionaryWhale said...

Wait, is that Ellen Page? I never thought of her as particu;arly thin, but she really is teensy...And there IS a differnce between 'thin' and 'perfect'...I hope you...Figure out what's best for you...