Tuesday, December 06, 2011

end of GM diet update

So I look about 7lbs lighter than I was at the beginning, maybe a little less, but there is definitely a difference. My bones hurt on the floor more and my chest ribs stick out more prominently. I think the best part of the result though, is how unsafe food feels. I know I have to eat a certain amount, but eating what was normal before the diet just feels wrong. I couldn't even eat carbs at lunch. I voluntarily had a salad with some shrimp and a half piece of corn. This is really quite thrilling and I hope it sticks. Dinner tonight is with the boy and we're "celebrating" the end of my cleanse with salmon and veggies. I forget just how absurdly healthy I eat on a daily basis. I just have to keep eating less.

I went for a hell of a run today and did around 300 situps and a bunch of pushups and other conditioning stuff. And I have a full day of training still ahead. Whew. I really like how little appetite I have. It's novel. I don't want to ruin it. Even though I'm kinda period bloaty, I wonder if I keep up the restriction if I'll lose even more once I'm done bleeding. Guess I'll just keep hoping and working at it.

Stay strong and think thin lovelies. Do 50 jumping jacks and 80 situps today if you read this far.

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Anonymous said...

Just in the past two days I've done 260 situps, and about 100 jumping jacks...Just because I read these posts so much. I know it probably doesn't seem like a lot to you, but to me its great.

Please keep posting...I'm finally starting to loose weight because I stumbled upon this blog. And I need to loose weight. I feel disgusting.