Friday, December 02, 2011

banana day

Boy is at his own house and I am free to post thinspo and whinge about how fat I am. Today on the GM diet is banana's and milk day. I have have up to 6-8 bananas, 3 large glasses of milk, and thin soup. Drinking real milk feels incredibly wrong. I still use cheese sometimes (I know, how will I ever get thin?), but straight milk has been so far out of my life that this just feels odd. But I want to follow the diet as strictly as I can to see if I lose the promised 5-10kg. I remember getting to one of my lowest weights on this diet. On the last day, the numbers just kept dropping every half hour. I went from from 119 to 113, i think bottoming out at 111.5 then bouncing back really fast. But I was as dedicated then... or as fat. But I regularly around 4000 kcal per day now too so that changes a lot. Once I'm done with this week, I'm going back to serious restriction as much as I can without getting caught.

Speaking of which, I almost got caught out by a healthy friend today. That was scary. She even knew about Pro-ana websites. I have to be more careful, more secret. Except for here. Because you all are lovely and hungry and cold just like me. And there's nearly 200 of you now! <3 Stay strong and think thin my lovelies.

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