Saturday, December 24, 2011

omigod 200 followers

So much to celebrate! I have 200 followers! In honor of my huge batch of lovelies, I'm going to do 200 squats, 200 situps, and 200 fonda's (inner thigh lifts). Also, I stepped on a scale today, something I haven't done for months, and I'm under 125! I'm so close! That's like one GM diet away from being reasonably thin again!

Despite the fact that it's christmas and i'm at my mom's cooking pies and potatoes and awful stuff, I have made it down to 122 ish. That's so nice. And I'm changing up my calorie intake and exercise regimen so often that it will probably just make me lose more weight. I'm drinking tons of water and really my calorie intake is pretty normal (by like standard american normal), and I'm just not overexercising like I want to. I'm trapped with shitty lungs due to allergies, so I can't do really any cardio. But I'll be back in school soon enough. I'm going to buy a scale again once I'm back home. And I've got my reps to do because of you lovelies!

So hooray! Stay strong, think thin, and Happy Holidays. Enjoy your family time, skip the eggnog and we'll all get through to 2012 thinner and happier. Join me in the 200 challenge when you read this. Squats, situps, and side-lying crossover lifts (fonda's). 200 of each.

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