Monday, December 05, 2011

people and how they talk

It's funny how people always talk about eating disorders as though no one around them actually has one. My friend jokingly said "Stop being so anorexic." So I gave her a kind of sad smile and said "if only I could". She responded with "I know, right? I just like food too much ever really do that." As though I meant that I wasn't sick. As though I don't suffer and hate myself and work myself overly hard and agonize over calorie. Like I could just stop. I know she didn't mean anything bad. I don't want to get caught. I don't want to her worry about me but at the same time, it would be a sign that I'm getting closer, getting thinner. She did say that I looked like I'd lost weight. So at least I get that small reprieve.

Stay strong and think thin my lovelies! Drink a glass of water and do 50 situps when you read this today.

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pursuit_of_happiness said...

love the thinspo!!! stay strong<3