Sunday, December 11, 2011

paper writing vs the chubs

I'm doing academic crap and it's awful. I keep drinking tea and getting more caffeinated and then getting hungry and the eating something and then hating myself. Fuck. Oh well. I'm interspersing the writing with situps and squats and jacks so I think we'll balance out okay. I'm supposed to have a do nothing, eat everything day anyway. The last two pics are me from yesterday, so i'm really not doing too badly. I'll just have to take it out of my hide all week until i go home for xmas, when I can really get my starve on, oddly enough. I've had about 500cal today, plus tea. I'll probably end up around 1200, maybe less if the boy doesn't come up.

He made a wonderful and perfect apology for his going to psycho at me. So things are looking up in that respect... minus the part where I have to go home to my other boyfriend and rapidly readjust and convince my body that this is what it wants instead of what it's used to... relationships are dumb.

But oh well. Enjoy the thinspo. Laugh at my fat. If you want to contribute thinspo, toss it in my comments and i'll throw it in the folder for future posting. Stay strong, think thin. And on this lazy sunday, do 50 squats, 50 pushups, and 100 ab reps of your choice. Try to make half of the pushups the tricep kind.

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fastinggirl said...

you look so good! i'm so envious of your hip bones!!