Sunday, December 04, 2011

progress... maybe

Phew. Fake meat, 1C rice, and 6 tomato day was super hard. I'm so glad that's over. My body feels like a train hit it. I haven't had a full day off this week, despite the crazy diet. Ah well. Such is life. Today lets me have 1C rice and the veggies I can eat. Easy day. Tomorrow, I can add fruit juice to that mix.

I can't tell if it's progress from this diet or if I was just losing that much before, but the size 27 true religion jeans fit loosely at the waist now, the ancient tatters nearly fit as low on my hips as I'd like them to, and my painter shorts fit again, with a baggy low fit. So I am happy about this. I feel yesterday might have actually slowed my progress a little bit though. This worries me. Oh well, we'll know on tuesday morning whether or not it matters. If there isn't much change after that, it's back to mad restriction. Like ABC diet madness, despite the part where I burn 4k Cal per average day. I keep feeling like I'm getting sick and should take a day off, but then again my bones don't show so I haven't earned it.

The boy almost noticed a difference. I am changing. We were on skype and he told me I looked extra beautiful and asked if I had changed anything. I told him I had straightened my hair a little bit, but stayed silent about the part where my collarbones looked extra sharp and my shoulders more fragile. He says he thinks I look thin anyway and I wish he wouldn't lie. Oh well. He says I'm good at circus too, so I might as well enjoy the flattery.

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