Tuesday, February 15, 2011

intake update

1/3 C cooked white rice: 63 cals
1/2 Tomato: 11 cals
1 spoon dressing: 10 cal
1C green tea:0 cal
Tsp Honey: 22 Cals


breakfast cals: 94 cals

7:50ish pm:
2 sticks celery: 17 cals
1 tablespoon hummus: 27 cals
tea w/ .5 tsp of honey: 11

net total so far: 255cals

not doing so bad, yet.
.... 9:18pm.....
Dinner is made of fail!:
248 cals of salmon, rice, sprouts, and dressing. the highest cals were in the salmon though, and that's all protein.

still, current total not so bad: 503

I almost fainted in the shower. And I fought it. And drank water.
So I made the worst thing ever. 250 more calories. I can't even say it. You just get the numbers.

total: 753.

at least it's still WAY less than I burned today.


Trisha said...

C'mon you're not showing us the best of what you've got.
And I want to see you in the thinspo like you have way back... when???

so_alone said...

I don't understand what you want. Just more pics? Done. I'll blow slightly more of my data plan.

I've been in the thinspo. I just have to be more careful now.