Wednesday, February 16, 2011

more starvation stats

that's big ol' me. by popular demand. ick.

intake: 442 cal

lots of salad and protein; small portions of things today. i'll probably have to eat slightly more later because i feel like i'm getting sick.

went running again. felt wobbly all day afterwards. hurt too much from yesterday to really train hard, but managed the 1.5 hour stretching session again, so at least i've got that to say for myself.

EDIT: stop the presses, i had to eat something else. Now we're up to a whopping 539 calories total because orzo salad has tons of calories, but i just had to eat something warm. sigh. oh well, still burned more calories today than I put in. that will still be the case if i ate an entire meal. lol. like that'll happen.

FINAL TOTAL: tallied at like 2am
651cal for yesterday. my muscles hurt sooo much that i allowed myself a yogurt thing. it so upset by how my mind went stable and my body stopped shaking after that. dammitall.

here's some skinny people.


zette said...

your stomach looks amazing. cheers for stretching. i hope you don't get really sick. adding an emergen-c packet to your water once or twice a day helps. stay strong, doll. you're doing great.

Starving Artist said...


InvisibleDisorderedOne said...

Jealous of you tiny tummy!

Stay strong,