Thursday, February 17, 2011

total failure, intake

Total cals today: 644

50cals of that was this orzo salad that i got at the store before this return to massive restriction started. i took two bites and then threw it away before temptation could win.

i went running again. and then did a good 2 hours of other workout stuff.

tomorrow i'm going to dance my ass off all night, and hopefully make up for all the slacking i've been doing, though the booze calories might kill all my hard work. i'll have to careful.

i had to weigh myself once when i got on this program over here and the number is horrible. 60kg. i look at the picture i put up yesterday and think, really? i have loads of muscle, but still, 60kgs? i must be blind to how huge i really am. ew. that was like september though, and i've lost a ton of weight since i've been here. hopefully i'm somewhere in the mid 50s by now. guess i'll just have to work harder.

stay strong and think thin, my lovelies.

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