Sunday, February 20, 2011

post weekend data penance

the weekend was joke. total failure. i didn't eat that many calories, but it was bad. the booze and the hangover food probably totaled way over that i managed to burn dance and walking and running.

but at least today, at least right now, i feel thinner. like i look thinner. the week of severe restriction was definitely good and i've got too much inertia to really stop now.

managed to get some nice snuggle time out of a new friend too, which is nice. i was worried i might bruise to his touch at this point. i really hate being alone. it was nice to not be alone for a minute.

hah. i'm never alone. there's ana. but she's isolating. it's her nature. it's nice to escape once in a while.

stay strong and think thin, my starving darlings.

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