Tuesday, February 15, 2011

making up for it

I have to start blogging more. This is getting really bad. I'm eating like a normal person even on days that I don't work out.
Intake so far:
1 Cup English Breakfast Tea
1 tsp honey
1 apple

i'm going for a 30 minute run soon. It's a pretty intense land jog, but I need it. I hate needing this stuff. I just want to be pretty. Hopefully post-run, i'll be able to find some space to stretch and do some conditioning. After that, I'll clean my room and shower.

i had been doing so well. I barely ate friday and then ending up purging everything anyway since I got too drunk to keep down water. saturday i felt awful and ate maybe 400 cals just trying to have enough energy to walk home without fainting. then sunday, i hardly ate anything again and was pretty active and i didn't notice a thing. i just felt light and good. since i was active, i ate about 1000 cals because i burned WAY more than 2000. And then yesterday happened. It was like I couldn't stop putting food in my face. That and I couldn't really wake up. I napped like all day, waking up only to eat something. ugh. ew.

Today must be different. I am going to lose five pounds or at least look skinnier by next week. And then same for the next week. I will leave here and be fucking thin. I want to leave no footprints when I travel this summer. I want to be that gorgeous thin thing at festivals. I want to deserve new clothes that will fit no matter what style because I am thin, so it doesn't matter.

Stay strong and think thin my skinnies! There are like 50 more of you than when I last checked. I would love for this blog to get spread around the Tumblr communities. I love new people. Thanks for all the support.

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