Tuesday, March 27, 2007

122.4; think i'm getting sick

or maybe i just need to sleep. i should sleep more, really, because if i'm asleep, i can't be stuffing my fat little face. 122.4 this morning. but i worked out hard and ate today, much more than i had planned, but that seems to be a trend these days. i wouldn't call it binging, but i wouldn't call it starving either. this must end. tomorrow is too busy to be on starvation numbers, but the next day is full of class, but not so full of thought. sleep. sleep is what i need.

i packed a better lunch for tomorrow and i have to eat some kind of omega-3 tomorrow that isn't a pill. but.... i got the dress!! yay. long story. if you know me, you know what it's for, so ask me about it so i can go EEEEEEK! and silly other nonsense sounds.

i'm all sniffly and my head hurts. i have class in the 6 hours and i have to walk tomorrow. it will be good to burn off calories, but hell when i'm dead tired. maybe the stress will slim me down. i need to be extra ribby for saturday.

** i know that stress won't slim me down if i cooperate with it. increased cortisol = increased fat storage and food craving. i know. i just need to not eat and be stressed. then i'll lose weight, as long as i keep moving too.

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