Thursday, March 22, 2007

full of failing

today sucked. i woke up to weighing 123.4, feeling really sore, and almost late. i had a pear for breakfast. i spent the first class of the day feeling like i was going to faint or vomit or both in short order. i didn't think i could make it to my locker to get the allowed food for the day. but the coffee shop had silver dollar sized fake egg quiches for $1.50. so i bought and ate 3/4 of it. then i felt less like fainting. but still, today was not obedient.

tomorrow is banana day, and that will be punishment enough. as long as my body stays on track... i keep reminding myself of how much i lost last time that i did this, and i cheated soooo much more then. i had a cookie every day and a piece of toast before bed. i have not cheated nearly so badly. tomorrow is supposed to kill the craving for sweet and salty food. i hope it works. i've got a feeling friday, "meat" and tomato day, will kill all desire for foo din general.

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