Tuesday, March 20, 2007

back from vacay and fluent in "moo"

it's been forever, so here's some thinspo!!

i haven't stepped on the scale yet. i'm afraid. i could weigh up to 130.

i've started a diet that has worked for me before. it's just damned expensive to keep up. the GM diet:
i got through fruit day without cheating. i ate sooo much though. i hope it did me good.

2 kiwis
1 apple
2 cups mango
3 cups papaya
1 gigantic avocado
.5 pickle
1 cup honeydew w/ raisens
3 cups cantaloupe
1 cup tomato
1 bag of apple chips

if you count the technicalities, i cheated with the avocado and the tomato. but my guts have wibbled like they should and tomorrow is for all veggies. i've prepacked a lunch and have my potato ready for breakfast.

it is possible to lose up 17 pounds in 7 days on this diet. the stated range is 10-17. at best, i could end up back in the 110s, give or take a pound. the first time i did this diet, i had already cheated with toast and a cookie by now. but, i also started that round when i was already at 116 or 117. it brought me down to 112.5 and i actually worried about myself. i had to stop on day 5 because my weight was going down too fast.

i hope it works again.

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