Wednesday, March 21, 2007

crazy enough to work

122.6 this morning.

not bad, i guess. thank god for xanga and its ridiculous stock of real girl thinspo. hope you all enjoy the epic post.

the gm diet treated me well today. olives were my only cheat today (it's veggie day and their fruit). tomorrow is for fruits and vegetables together. it's really fucking hard to go with just one. i think i can feel it working though. my guts have been... er... active like they ought to be. i feel cleaner inside. i feel lighter too, even though i'm supposed to eat as many vegeables today as i can possibly stand.

i have pears for tomorrow. i'm so excited that i feel kind of silly. thursday is for bananas and milk and soup base. that will be the weird one. it was last time too. carrying all this food to school is really odd, as it comes with me in a grocery bag, so as not to get smashed or accidentally opened in my backpack.

i think i might lose a significant amount of weight this week. i doubt that i'll hit the 10-17 range, but 5 or six pounds might be plausible. i haven't seen numbers under 119 for a really long time. since the second or third day of my "recovery" period, i guess.

i worked out really hard at the gym today too. i hope that makes up for the olives. if my theory is right, i've already lost a significant amount of weight. i know that i didn't weigh 122.6 when i got home from break. I felt like i was around 125. friday is going to be odd. i get to eat fake meat and six fucking tomatoes. how do i even make that work? veggie burgers and fake bologna. all with tomatoes. guh. it's all for ana dammit. i want this. i can take my power back and i'm damn well going to do it right this time.

massive amounts of work are going to steal most of my gym time this week too, so i guess i'm glad that i've got this diet to fall back on. as long as i adhere to it, as best i can, its guarantees should have some impact on me. i just remember how wonderfully my weight dropped last time. i wonder if it will drop more dramatically just because there is so much more to lose. that might not make sense, but if you could hear me explain it, you'd get it. i'll have to do extra practice sessions to procrastinate to replace lost gym time.

if i'm really ambitious, maybe i'll do it again next week. this diet costs a stupid amount of money though. raw food is generally cheap, but the sheer quantity is kind of absurd.

ack! it's late. i still have to do the fatass photoshoot before i go to bed. if by thursday or friday my weight has dropped under 120, i will take pictures and post before and after shots. hooray for HP image edit.

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