Friday, March 30, 2007

someone is listening and a few are watching

i think i've gotten maybe a total of five comments on this blog. today i got one that made me happy. i've been counting my views and i'm up to about 10/day. that makes me happy.

so if you're watching, getting enough sleep leaves me at 122.4 again. It's the weekend. I've had a weight watchers muffin, one carrot, and some cashew butter to go with the carrot. i need to drink more water. i'm going to take a nap soon. i went shoppping again today. but these clothes were madly on sale, so hooray. lovely, i dare say. and i'm still a small. that make me happy. i wore giant shoes so my legs looked extra too.

but, since one of you listeners/readers/watchers piped up, everyone has won, and all shall have prizes.

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