Friday, March 23, 2007

this had better work

i didn't cheat all fucking day. i had about 3 cups of thin soup full of veggies. i had the fucking 6 or 7 bananas out of 8 that i was supposed to try to eat. i drank three glass of liquid lard (milk). that was gross.

if i don't lose substantial weight by sunday, i'm going to cry, and fast on lemon juice after throwing away all my food. ugh.

under 120. that's all i ask. i obey every word of this dumb diet, except for when it violates my vegetarian rules. i go to the gym and work out until i get wobbly. i drink a ton of water like it tells me to. grrrr.

maybe eating the 6 tomatoes tomorrow will fix this. maybe it will all work out then. the fat will just burn right off. all the veggie meat i can stand and six tomatoes.

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