Saturday, February 03, 2007

i deserve to weigh more in the morning

i did so well today. and then i fucked it up
coffee and tab energy for breakfast.
broccoli and carrots for lunch.
3/4 cookie (vegan)
suncake (vegan oat bar)
blueberry juice
greek salad, no cheese
miso (1/5 serving)

so here's where it all went wrong.
carrot cake (3/4 slice w/ frosting,. partial purge)
3/4 low cal burrito (ew ew ew ew ew)

at least a whole ton of walking in the cold burned most of my sins off today. i found more fructose, so i can forcefully limit my actual food intake. tomorrow i might end up at the gym, but if i don't, i have to be so much better about restricting. i have to do so fucking little. i had better be able to pull it off tomorrow. one component of my diet pill regimen ran out tonight, too, so i have to be extra extra good. maybe a sufficient amount of sleep will do me good. if i'm shooting for that though, sleep has to happen now.

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