Friday, February 02, 2007

i think i understand now

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i haven't gained any weight but I haven't lost any either. I think with just few more hours of sleep i might weigh at least 121.0 instead of 121.4. today i don't have to eat. at all. i can have coffee downtown and I go thinspo shopping (kinda like windowshopping, but i try the clothes on and then don't buy them). i slept with my eyemakeup on and now my eyes are all red. lame. this means i probably shouldn't put on makeup today, at least until i can make my contacts cooperate. today is for splenda and not food. it is for tab energy and not food. i won't get a chance to get to the gym... well, it's not likely anyway... today or tomorrow. i can do lots of walking today and when i'm not eating at all, that's really all i need. tomorrow, letting the muscles burn. i can get up kinda early tomorrow and then hit the gym before meeting up with my class then. Ack. my allergies are being dumb today. gotta go. i'm already late.

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