Tuesday, February 27, 2007

yo-yo me

so i hit 119.4 over the weekend. now i'm holding 120.6. if i just don't eat tomorrow and let my stomach shrink and go back on my fructose water... i can totally get back to that. i can be fine on so little if i just give it a chance. i have to sleep soon cuz class is early. but... *fingers crossed* the scale might be nice tonight. my guts have been all grumbling and i think it's because i ate way too much today.

i miss my b/f too. but... what can you do. i think that's why i ate too much today. i have to be accountable so... here goes the walk of shame.

breakfast: 1 dbl shot light, poppyseed suncake
Lunch: raw veggies and grilled cheese (american) and apple sandwich
later: 287 calorie falafel
Dinner: pad thai out of a box and veggies (raw) and a cadbury cream egg
Later: 1/2 avocado (morally obligated because they're going bad)

if i even weigh the same tomorrow morning, i think i'll be happy. ugh. fat forever. that's me.

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