Tuesday, January 16, 2007

back on track

tomorrow starts me back on the regimented eating schedule. i can eat 5/8 of whatever i burn in excercise on any particular day. i am armed with lots of salad and lemon juice and fat free things. this will work. i will be thinner. i will be thinner. i have a new thinspo... i can't say much more. this is motivation beyond logical bounds though. school starts too soon. i just hope i get the time every day to go the gym. otherwise, it's early mornings for me and a jog around the neighborhood. must get up early tomorrow. i am back on track.

today's food:
fried rice (1.5C)
1C grapes
1oz brie
1oz cheddar
.75 huge burrito
1C salad
1/4C fat free cottage cheese
2 veggie pocket thingies with .5C nonfat yogurt

not bad. not good either. i walked home cold. that counts for something.

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