Saturday, January 06, 2007

doing okay so far

Upon waking, I went for a twenty minute run. my glycogen levels were still very low with no food in me. on the way home, I got fat free sugar free latte (iced).

i had to eat a little food to put on my vitamins.
1 slice sprouted grain rye
.3 avocado
.5 C sprouts

i was too afraid that getting on the scale would ruin my day, so i chose to abstain this morning.

today would go so well if i hadn't been invited to a free (as i am currently broke... no joke) dinner post three hour rehearsal. whatever. as long as i don't get drunk, i won't eat too much. i need to stop getting drunk... unless that's all i'm going to do. a few days per week of just booze supposedly makes you lose weight. but i would just end up a hopeless drunkard that way.

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