Monday, January 08, 2007

rundown of today's failures

got up ran to the gym instead of running, drinking doubleshot and then walking to the gym. ran for half hour and did lots of abs and legs. stretched. ran all the way home. bowl of sprouts turned into bowl of sprouts and one avodcado and 15 tortilla chips with three tablespoons of salsa. walked off that whole meal downtown and then walked home from a far off bus stop. hopefully more walking to be done tonight. i want to get drunk. but then i'll eat. dammit.


so i totally fucked up. my diet pills had me way too jittery, so i cooked. and i ate. four bruschetta to be exact. and some freeze dried mango. i am fatass. i have to do something really really active before the night is out.

a long walk on safe paths for this time of night, hell, maybe even a run. i can go parkinglot dancing. that's always fun.
tomorrow is for trying harder. i'll do as much of tomorrow as I can stand on the lemonade. It'll be good for me.

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