Friday, January 26, 2007

loads at the gym today

today's intake:
1 doubleshot light
.75 cheese/lettuce/tomato/carmalized onion sandwich (top half of bread removed)
celery/carrot sticks w/ PB and raisins
1.5 cookies
1 15.2 oz carrot juice
1 8oz americano w/ skim milk
peas and sprout salad
lettuce and mustard w/ fake cheese (three leaves, one fake cheese single)
2 cheddar flavor rice cakes

i burned 1300 calories just running.
i started my period today so maybe that's why i'm heavier. i'm all periody and retaining water or something. i feel so huge. the fatass photoshoot is a daunting tradition tonight. i should be asleep now. i have class in the morning. all of me is sore. i can work out as long as i want tomorrow. and i can eat virtually nothing. i don't have to think. i just have to forget to eat.

i think i'm going to give the fructose water weight loss plan another try. supposedly, 6tbsp/L will make you lose weight if you stick with it for a week. you just don't get hungry. i'm all for that. at least today was full of negative calories and lots of excercise. i'm still disgusted with myself though. maybe tomorrow will be better. the weekend can certainly be better. i'll have time to go running and then run at the gym and then workout and practice and... yeah. it'll be great.

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