Friday, August 25, 2006

people read me!

i just noticed that people actually comment on this pro ED blog. yay! positive comments

today went well, i've burned 2799 calories in excercise. yes! i've eaten too much but a lot of it was slow metabolizing fruit sugars and/or negative calories or gluten free vegan junkfood (not as bad as regular bad for you food). I'm at 881 cal consumed today. the rest of my calories for today will be from booze. no more food for the fat girl. i saw more ribs in my back today than i have for a while and my hipbones looked better from balance ball situp vantage point. i'm burning WAY more than i'm consuming... it's really just a self esteem issue when i'm under 1500 consumed. i like this idea of measuring my progress is visible bones than in pounds because when i replaced fat wtih muscle, the numbers get bigger. once classes start, the weight will fall off me like water on teflon. biking to class, calisthenic gym class, troupe practice, walking around all day carrying heavy books and a brilliantly intense class lineup will combine to give me little no time to eat. that 123 will drop back to 115 in no time. ew. i hope the gym scale was wrong. that's gross. ew. ew. that's too much to have gained. i hope some of that is muscle. oh god.

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