Tuesday, August 29, 2006

tomorrow will be better

i will eat less.

i won't start out running on empty tomorrow. i need to start out running on time, but not early. i can't get cafeteria food. my friend, anorexic in denial, told me i looked well. that means i look fat. that means i look like i've gained weight. that is disgusting.

so, the goal for tomorrow:
breakfast: .5 cup fat free cottage cheese
.5 grapefruit
lunch: melon salad

snack: a nap

dinner: salad, w/ tofu, eaten on campus

snack: carrot w/ hummus

i have to be so much less than i am now before i see my b/f next. he can't see me this huge again. he was so excited about how tiny i was when i first lost a bunch of weight. dammit. i want my ankle to stop swelling. i can do more workout then.

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