Wednesday, August 30, 2006

tape my mouth shut

half grapefruit, .5 cup of fat free cottage cheese

post class scrounger binge: .5 cup scrambled eggs, .25 cup hashbrowns, cookie

lunch: cucumber and watermelon

later: luna bar

dinner: cucumber and watermelon
.75 cup of noodles w/ some alfredo and some tomato sauce
3 blackberries with pudding stuffs stuck to them

later: 2 commons cookies

home: 1 slice sprouted grain bread
1 slice light havarti cheese
.25 cup raw basil
carrot 1tbsp hummus
5 salted cashews
1 frozen cherry poptart
the shame is too much.

i should die. that is gross. i've been looking back through pictures from a few months ago and i am so fucking lardy compared to then. just months ago. ack. school is making it harder to eat yes, but what i end up eating is either bad for me or straight sugar so i don't faint, plus i don't get to work it off. i bike there and home. i get to the gym three times a week. i guess i can really kick my ass on weekends, but dammit! this so unacceptable.

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