Saturday, August 26, 2006

sober up you

i'm eating now in an effort to be sober enough to be coherent with my love when he calls. i'm trashed right now and trying to choke down a carrot, toast w/ skim cheese and basil, and a diet coke. ack. this is harder than it looks. dammit. i could be rolling with my two best friends right now, but no, i can't do that. the love of my life forbade that.

i fear that no matter what i say, i will still soundt trashed drunk. i hurt my ankle beyond reason doing whipits and running. gerr. i can't really elaborate on that one. dammital i walked home in agony. that must burn extra calories.... right?

i miss my love. i want him here. i don't want school to start so soon. i want to be back in his arms instead... i guess i'll just have to call as soon as i feel sober enough. i wish that would be sooner. it's hard to type right now. i'm afraid of how difficult it will be to speak. dammitall. efff.

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