Friday, April 13, 2007

average... quite the insult

sins of the day:
one clif luna bar
one clif nectar
1 choc. chip cookie, purged
1L fructose water
1 starbucks dbl shot
1 single serving bag of spicy blue corn chips
1 cup whole wheat noodles
2C salad
2 handfuls toffe peanuts

3.5L water (so far)

i guess today was better than yesterday. i keep having to eat because i'm sick. but then having to eat gets out of hand and i just end up eating until i'm not hungry anymore. that sucks. i really hate it. i had to keep my bloodsugar up during rehearsal. i managed to get an hour and half in the gym (65 minutes running, 25 min. abs/arms). And i biked to and fro for the hours that i was awake. i did a lot of sleeping today. that certainly helped curb my food consumption. so my thinspo post is early, both to keep me gawking and out of the kitchen and also to remind to go to bed, because after this, i'm essentially done with the internet.


camilla said...

Thnx for the thinspo, I love the 9th!

Fei_Yen_Kn said...

I'm sharing gifts!

Here's the link to my PhotoBucket ( I try to upload new images about 3 times a week, so you can check there whenever. Most of them are "real" (I don't include models/airbrushed images TOO often, but there are some). You might have to scroll through a tiny bit of junk to see everything, though. :] It's small, but I'm building!