Wednesday, April 11, 2007

under 1000, not bad

1C cucumber fennel salad w/ red quinoa
1 chocolate chip cookie
1 bowl Tom yum soup
1oz seared tuna
1/2Bagel w/ sprouts and snap peas
1/2 bag M&Ms
4 pieces mint chocolate
handful of the good kind of girlscout cookies

2 hours at the gym, 40 minutes dance
no too shabby. i hope i at least make a dent in my fatness. friday is for very few clothes and i can't be all flabby for that. 17 days to be under 120. that's all i want. i've revised my goals back that fucking far. this blows. i'm such a fatass. if you didn't notice i found a payload of thinspo. scroll up and enjoy it again.

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