Tuesday, April 24, 2007

NV, 123.2

so today is day two of taking NV and so far, it has offered amazing punishment to my guts. it's nice. actually today.

today's food might sound like a lot, but i did a whole fuckload of work today too.

breakfast: 1 half vegan bagel
later: 1C thai noodle soup (vegan), .5 biscuit
later: 1 C salad, 3 cubes tofu, 6 slices cucumber, 1 tbsp ranch, sweet chile sauce and tapatillo (mostly neg. cals)
later: 1 cookie
later: 1C vegan cabbage-slaw, 1 piece tofish (vegan)
later: 5 cheese/broccoli veggie bites

bike to school (light books)
walk around campus all day ( 4hours just walking from place to place)
5-7pm at gym, some dancing, 1hr 5min running, 20 min abs/arms
bike home (heavy books)

sorry loves, no time for thinspo photos tonight. just my reverse-trigger of a blog. must be up and active in less than six hours.

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