Wednesday, April 04, 2007

i am a sea creature; one of the fat ones.

i spent the best day in the gym. 3hrs 20min. i fear i ate enough to cancel it out, but i had tons of water too. tomorrow is one of those days where i have zero time to consume anything but liquids, so this should work out for the best. i miss the hunger pains. so badly it hurts actually. isn't that funny. ah well. my hipbones looked really good earlier, i could feel them at dance and while i worked out. my ball-bridge work was especially rewarding. as long i'm not too dead after classes, i can log another four hours in the gym tomorrow. not bad, not bad at all. i have 23 days to lose 10 pounds now. when it gets down to the 10 day mark, i'll kick into overdrive. more sleep, no solids, more pills, no cheating. i need this. badly.

so you don't think i'm avoiding the subject, i'm avoiding the subject until friday. weekends are for not needing my brain, so if i have to fast in any hardcore fashion, i will certainly do it then. so i'm going to weigh in on friday and pray for results. keep your fingers crossed for me. i try to keep my lips shut.

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