Thursday, April 05, 2007

i dare me

for every model i post as thinspo each night, i can eat fifty calories (excluding dairy and sweets and fatty fruits. if i post more than 1000 calories worth of models, i get to print the rest out and take them with me. to remind me of what i am allowed to eat. i will write every item that goes into my mouth on my favorite photo. this will continue down my chain of preference until i run out of models.

that's a lot of thinspo. my printer can't handle that. so. thinspo folder will get made tonight instead. that will come with me. i will have to detail every bite and estimate a calorie count on glossy thinspo instead of shitty pixel detail. oh the things i do for the love of ana.

update on today:
ate too much. dinner really killed me. the rest of the day went well until all the hummus at "freegan" happy hour. sigh. i worked hard today though. lots of stretching. i guess i'll just have to work even harder tomorrow.

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