Tuesday, April 17, 2007

the morning will be the real test

today was lovely. 122.8!! awesome!

in order from 9am to 1:10am:
1C strawberries (fresh)
1 Clif nectar bar (170 cal)
3/4 cornmeal muffin (250 cal)
1C curry veggie soup (150 cal)
1 med. vegan cookie (125 cal)
3/4 falafel (approx 200 cal)

around 1000 calories.
I did lots of fast walking today. And ran for 45min (felt a little weak). Then I did about 35 minutes of abs and arms and stretching. Then I took a 15 brisk walk.

i so burned more than i ate. and i've had about 3L of water today. not bad. could be better, but not half bad.

if i end up eating anything else tonight, it will be made of lettuce and therefore negative calories. plus, 2 cups of it is like 20 calories.

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